King Size Dub Special
  • Producer ROBO BASS HIFI
  • Release Day 20th May 2016
  • Genre Dub
  • Label Echo Beach
  • Number Of Track 23
  • Format CD Only (Ltd. Ed. of 2222 copies)
  • Disks 1
  • Playtime 71 minutes (17 tracks)
  • Bonus Tracks 6
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New volume in the long-running King Size Dub series, this time a “special” showcasing the sub skills of Echo Beach – associated artist Robo Bass Hifi aka Markus Kammann. As always with this series, the compilation will be available for a very low price, ensuring that curious shoppers won’t hesitate to pick it up. Robo Bass Hifi celebrates up-to-date electro reggae sound in all its facets, from roots to dub to dubstep and future jungle. Bass the house! Featuring: Tackhead, Lee Perry, Dubblestandart, Kid Kenobi, Dillinger and Hoda.